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School Project: How has anonymity on Bhubble effected you in a negative or positive way?

Hello all, I'm doing a school project on how anonymity effects people on the internet. I thought Bhubble was a good way to reach out to people, especially since I think a lot of people can agree that there are some issues with the anonymity aspect of all of this. I pose a question to everyone who uses it, especially those who are quite active: Has the anonymity of this platforms and platforms like it effected you in a positive way or a negative way? Do the things people say upset you or offend you? Do you think because it's anonymous, do people tend to think there won't be any consequences for what they say or their actions?


Thank you so much for the help! 

That is a great project! I have an example of how the anonymity of Bhubble affected myself and others negatively. I also have an example of how Bhubble was used in a positive way. Sorry if the positive way does not relate well to anonymity.  

The Negative:

A while ago someone with a similar username to mine made a hurtful comment to another user. The recipient of the comment was a friend and was deeply hurt. My wife received a phone call asking why I would say such a thing. My wife assured them that I would not have said it, and everything was sorted out quickly. I learned that day, a comment by another user can be attributed to someone else very easily. I was lucky that the person called right away and the situation, as it related to myself, was resolved.

The Positive:

My wife and dog had an encounter with another woman and her dog. Let’s just say, the dogs did not hit it off immediately. The encounter happened quite quickly and left my wife feeling that she could have handled it better. She immediately logged onto Bhubble and created a post in search of the other woman. She received a response and the foursome met again on neutral territory where the two ladies and the dogs were able to get to know each other create a friendship.

Personally, I would be more offended by something said to my face as apposed to what is said online. Yes, I think that some people tend to disregard the consequences of what they say online. All of this online interaction is relatively new and hopefully in the future we can treat each other with respect whether we are online or in person.

Good luck on the project!