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Ski Hill Closure

This  is probably going to rile some people up, but with all the cancellations of events and conferences, and with what happened in Italy, I wonder if the ski hill might close?   I can imagine a surge in local cases here after spring break, skiing or not...

You should stay home & self isolate. Personally, I always avoid going in any lodges at any resort now for years. Sking is an outdoor sport. It is always a gamble going indoors to a room full of sniffly people to eat the lunch you didn't pack yourself. 

With travel from BC to the US essentially banned due to the self-isolation requirement upon return, I hope the same measures are in place for those coming from the US to the Kootenays for spring break. 

Respect for each other and our health care system should take precident over travel. 

What is the logic of recommending against travel to the US from BC when a) it isn't suggested by our federal government or any other province; b) doesn't apply to Americans coming into BC; c) travel to and from other areas in Canada - even known 'hot-spots' like the lower mainland - is not restricted? Did WHO recommend this? I gather our provincial government doesn't trust us to make reasonable choices about where and how we travel. There may well be a real risk traveling to western WA but why does that justify a total travel restriction?

It seems to me the restriction is either too much or too little depending on your view of the risk.

Only one possible solution comes to mind.


From the NY Times regarding the WHO position:



The rules do not apply to domestic travel restrictions or to decisions made by private airlines, but the W.H.O. has repeatedly warned that international bans can block needed resources, or delay aid and technical support. Such restrictions are justified only at the beginning of an outbreak to buy nations time to prepare, the agency said. Beyond that, they are more likely to cause significant economic and social harm.

Have you asked Red Mountain Resort? That would be good start to answering your question...

Thanks, good ideas.  

All tough calls for any business to make.  Sad if people miss out on spring break travel/family visits/fun.  But also sad if there is a spike of illness that further strains the hospital life and other healthcare issues carry on.  

All the media coverage is good as it’s getting people talking about good general infection control practice, eg stuff like being mindful that rubbing our faces with mitts after grabbing a door handle or touching a lift bar that got coughed on can transmit the virus...or any virus for that matter I suppose

Stay safe out there and have fun!

On the contrary:

Skiing involves gloves, masks, goggles and wide open spaces, Fight COVID-19.

Lol, masks and goggles already on :)  Glad we will at least still get to ski!

I just read that article, the cautionary tale.  It makes you think, and it is somewhat worrying what spring break travel in and out of here will do to our local situation.  

"Skiing involves gloves, masks, goggles and wide open spaces".  On a more serious note, I would hope this doesn't make people complacent, false sense of security.  As our noses are still exposed, noses get runny while outside, and people wipe their noses with their gloves or mitts and touch the lift bar.  So I can see many possible avenues for transmission while skiing the lifts.  Maybe I'll stick to backcountry....

From what i've noticed all locals that I know canceled travel plans but still many out of province/country license plates in Rossland ....

It would be nice if the hill closed to detour tourists from visiting our town right now to ski!! we do not need this to spread into Rossland. Selfish people still travelling! 

Lots of Washington plates still, is washington state not a hotbed? I agree with hutch fully

That quote was from the resort after they decided to close after all.

 Red really does need to consider the possibility of contributing to spread of COVID-19 by staying open; with a host of other hills closing, the masses will come and there will be perhaps a more virulent spread as a result. I'm hoping that Red cares about our community as does Whitewater, and will choose common sense over financial gain. ( Let the opinions rip!!)


As I said in my earlier post, halfway measures are nonsense. Either have a travel ban or don't, but this is the expected result of the government 'not really but kind of' banning travel (In one direction).

I agree that this has placed the focus on businesses to take strong measures. It will be a test of their morals and willingness to step up to protect the community. I think doing by doing the responsible thing and closing now Red will reap benefits in the long run.

They just announced they are closing tomorrow so you all can stop fretting about it.

Thank you Red Mountain Resort for being a responsible corporate citizen and caring community member!


How have we become so susceptible to the fear mongering of the media that we're actually afraid of an illness which has infected .001% of all Canadians, and has killed 0.3% of those infected (375 infected, 1 death). For comparison, the swine flu killed 428 people in Canada, why didn't everything in the country shut down then? Why is coronavirus being treated so differently?

Great, so now we're closing 3850 acres of a forested mountain instead of the one acre of local grocery store where literally everyone goes? What about the fuel pumps at the gas stations that literally everyone touches? This is absurd. I am sad for the world today.


Katrine Conroy at


Richard Cannings at

Two of my friends told me they rode the lifts up Red yesterday with families from Seattle who have come here to ride out the outbreak.  That is unfathomably irresponsible.

We all share our one grocery store, one pharmacy and one hospital in Trail. We do not live in a town of options or anonimity. We are barely one degree of separation from eachother.   We live in a microcosm and this makes us a bit vulnerable.  We need to pressure the province and the feds to act now and decisively as this kind of irresponsibility and selfishness is sadly something that can wreak havoc in a place like Rossland.

Each one of us is responsible for the safety and health of every other Rosslander. Katrine and Richard will not know if we don't tell them.  

Thank you Red for removing an attractant that would bring more visitors and a more rapid disease spread to an already vulnerable area (rural geography/climate).  I would think that if our area’s disease peak could occur later than larger centres, then we might all fare a little better when demand for ventilators and other critical care needs increase.  I’m appreciative of grocery and gas station employees for working in a higher risk environment and thank them for sanitizing their gloved hands (and other things customers touch) in between customers.  

It's too bad they can't stay open for the local pass holders. 

Yeah, that is too bad.  I imagine they are taking a big financial hit already, and continuing to operate without revenue would cause an even bigger hit.  It would be nice if they allowed backcountry access, but I would think that would involve liability when you don't have your regular avalance control operations.  Cross country skiing is still open, and dropping the exact change in the drop box would eliminate the need for any exchange of cash/coin.


Some good information on the virus. Thanks to mbp on TCR.

Watch this Wall Street Journal video…
February 26, 2020
How Coronavirus Test Kits Work | WSJ
(3 ½ minutes)


Stunning insights by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

Mar 13, 2020



Wikipedia Slashes Spanish Flu Death Rate

Mar 9, 2020


It's not science, it's systemics.


Howser, interesting info on your links, especially the video by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

sad panda,

  Its not just about the deaths its about the rate at which its hospitalizing people and how it will overload our healthcare system. Do you know in Italy they have 75 year olds on ventilators and are taking them off to give them to 20 year olds because they have to make a choice?  Do you know we are currently on the same pathas Italy? This is not the swine flu and 20000 people infected in this country is a disaster for a system already running at or above capacity.





I agree with kcmountain, Red should definitely have kept the hill or part of it open for locals/seasons pass holders. Late start wasn’t their fault(although the communication sucked) but I don’t see why they couldn’t keep it open for locals/seasons pass holders, even if only a few lifts, one person per lift, lodge closed etc. 

Bluesboer - why would Red keep 'a few lifts' open with the lodge closed just for season passholders? It would mean paying lifties, patrollers, maintenance staff, grooming staff with the lodge closed and with no income from selling lift tickets, rentals, food, drinks or lessons. Basically losing money every day while encouraging groups of people to congregate in the same place when every encouragement currently is to do the opposite. As far as I am aware locals and season passholders are not immune to Covid-19.

BTW... I have lost my job with the closure of the mountain but given the current circumstances I believe it was the absolute right decision. No chair accessed skiing is a small sacrifice to make to keep our community safe. Just gonna get the touring gear out and go earn my turns in the sunshine.

well said phillusdillus!!