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Hi Rossland Gardeners

Hey gardeners, now we have extra time at home, how to make the best of it?

Let's put our heads together... kinda... and share ideas and challenges

I'm planning my garden, pruning, planting seeds, and looking forward to my new favourite plants... peonies (see pic).

This thread invites you to ask questions, share ideas and skills, etc.

(If anyone wants to rant about dog donations.... open your own thread!)

Here is an e-card from me to any friends and neighbours who like gardens:



25O 362 779O


Thank you Angela!  This post was the push I needed.

If you want ornamentals I am sure to have cuttings and volunteers all over the garden in a month or so.

I have been growing most of my own food for decades on a regular city lot but also on balconies and on window ledges depending where I am living. I have also worked on big farms (Dole broccoli farm in CA and have never bought anything Dole since) and small farms.  If any one wants to start but doesn't know what to do first there are a number of people in Rossland who can help, here over Bhubble.  

I don't buy too many shoes but I always buy too many seeds. I have a number of extra pots around and maybe soil too.  Shout out if you need anything to get started.  I might have some.  I planted too many seedlings and will be happy to share when they are ready to go.

I have started 10 lettuce bowls. These are pots with a variety of lettuce that you can cut the leaves, let them regrow, usually once in a season, and cut again so you get 2 harvests.  If you know someone who is in need of free fresh veggies let me know and I can put one out to be picked up.

Gill  (Arapawa are hardy New Zealand goats that are extremely rare. They are possibly decended from 2 goats left by Capt. Cook on an island near NZ.  If anyone wants to go in on a community goat project let me know.  :-)


Thanks, neighbour! As usual I have lots of flowers started and as always cannot bear to throw any away when transplanting. Got the greenhouse on the go also. Should have many to share when the time comes for planting. Wishing the snow away now!


I'll be looking for raspberries and other berry bushes, once the covid-19 siutation has improved. If anyone has some to spare I'd be happy to re-home them. Will also be looking for thyme or rosemary bushes if you have too many and need some dug up and removed. 

I will also have an abundance of seedlings to give away in the future mostly tomatoes.

Arapawa3,  I am very interested in your salad bowls and would love to try one. Also looking for herb bushes if you need to divide yours.

I have an abundance of Raspberry canes, some of which will need to be re-homed. Of coarse we're a couple of months away before the snow is gone.... in my yard anyway. Also will have mint and oregano to be divided.

Anyone interested in Comfrey?


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