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Just heard what sounded like three gunshots at 10.25 a.m. – does anyone know what it was all about?

Are you really a new Rosslander?

Not to worry... someone is probably just siting their gun in the back yard.

Haven't been here 25 years yet, so still new.

Doubt it – definitely three very loud gunshot sounds.

Are you in Lower Rossland? I heard a bear banger go off a few times yesterday around 1030. 

It's possible, but I did hear police sirens shortly before, so I thought it might be bears getting shot.



Do you feel defensive when someone asks you if you are "really a new Rosslander" because you feel ostracized for not living here 25 years?  Perhaps condescending comments about how patronizing you feel the locals are isn't helping, or perhaps you should change your name if you don't want someone to ask & offer you a kind response because of your self-described status :)

Rocklobster, I'm sure it was asked tongue-in-cheek, and I answered tongue-in-cheek. 

Lighten up a bit – you're sounding very defensive to me. As for my name, I just never got around to changing it. Jeez.

Oh Mr Lobster,

I see your a bit snappy today! New Rosslander was being funny, even a selfish shellfish can see that :) Put those claws away and relax my little crustaceans 

Can't we all just get along? :(

Ok... let's have a hug ;)

Rossidog, I like your comment about the shellfish, made me laugh, thanks, humor is essential nowadays. :)


Me too :-D

tongue in cheek answers get them right back so why tell me to bite mine & why do so many people feel the need to offer insults as the solution? :) 

happy Monday!