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Terry Miller running for council

Hi Bhubble folks,

Hope you have recovered somewhat from the onslaught of election news, but here we go, one more time.

I would like to re-introduce myself to you as a candidate for the vacant council position and I hope you see fit to vote for me on November 28.


  • ADVANCED VOTING OPPORTUNITIES: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) or Wednesday, November 25, 2020 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) - Rossland Miners' Hall.
  • GENERAL VOTING DAY: Saturday, November 28, 2020 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) at the Rossland Miners' Hall.


The first order of business for me as a councillor will be to help drive the new Official Community (OCP) planning process. This project will help our town re-calibrate its strategic direction on things like the effects of climate change, our local economy, housing, food security, seniors, and the myriad of other issues critical to the livability of our community in the years to come. I want our community to take proactive and concrete steps for the sake of our children and our grandkids.


There will be many opportunities within this project for Rosslanders to bring forward their hopes, concerns and ideas for the future, and I trust everyone will pitch in. Watch for details in the coming weeks and months. 


A bit about me:  


I wandered through Rossland some 40 years ago to ski Red for a season. And like so many others, was charmed by Rossland and never left. 


I have been actively involved with the community over the years. As stated above, I’m currently on the OCP steering committee, and I also serve as chair of one of six FireSmart neighbourhoods in town. 

In 2004 – as part of my graduate degree in business and leadership – I completed the Rossland Visions Projects. I gathered video interviews with Rossland locals and invited them to reflect on what they most valued about our community as well as their vision of the future. This project earned an award for putting visions into action. 

This project formed part of the backdrop for the Visions to Action Strategic Sustainability Plan, out of which grew Rossland’s Sustainability Commission. I was one of the original members (2009) and was chair of that commission from 2012-2016. We worked on many different initiatives over the years, but I recall with pride the Rossland Energy Diet, as we worked with the City and Fortis to educate and support residents to retrofit their homes. 


For a decade, beginning in the mid-80’s, I spearheaded the RubberHead Mountain Bike Festivals. Most notable were the ’93 North American Championships, and the ’94 Canadian Championships. These events grew to include up to 200 volunteers and some 400 participants from around North America and laid claim to Rossland being the ‘Mountain Bike Capital of Canada’. 

I was also a director on the Rossland Chamber of Commerce for a number of years in the late ‘80’s. During that time, Almeda and I established GoldRush Books and Espresso – Canada’s very first bookstore/espresso bar. So I have first-hand experience about what it takes to run a local business.


Since earning my MBA 18 years ago, I’ve been an Organization Development consultant both in private practice and within the health care sector. I have facilitated large and small-scale group processes, all aimed at helping people understand different viewpoints.  I’ve designed and taught various management and leadership programs – conflict resolution, leading teams, interpersonal communication, and more.


I am currently employed as an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator with Interior Health (IHA) assisting our healthcare system prepare for fires, floods, and of course, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Hope you’ll vote on November 28. Thanks in advance for your support. 



So you work for Interior Helth???? I have a hotel with 12 rooms. Showers in all of them. (Not like the $800 sea cans with no showers lol) I allsow have a nice old hot tub. Outside made of Red wood we had it for 35 years.                                                                                                                                                           Hardly never any problems with it. But now you and your buddys at the Interior Health.                              Are shutting down my Hot Tub because it dosent have a shower next to it. But all my rooms have showers. And how is a outside shower going to work in -20 weather???? Please explain yourself!!!

When you build a building up at the ski resort. You have to have under ground parking.                             Because of all the snow. But at the council meeting the Mayor told Colombia basin LTD.                            You guys dont have to have underground parking because you guys are going to help me later with my $3million City hall. So now Colombia basin LTD just blows their snow on my property. And blocks the trail that goes from the Rams head to the skihill. So now my guessts have to drive to the skihill,                  Colombia basin trust is good for $300 0000 but they refuse to pay property tax. We are competing and we are door to door. Same style of buissnis but one of us dont have to pay property taxe. What do you think about this behavior from Kathy Moore, Tracy lighthouse, And the old council??? The hotel i am talking about is Now were Special.

Glad to see your hat in the ring, Terry. Will be very happy to support you. 

...why is martin lundh yelling on here? Terry - thanks for introducing yourself. I've never met you but you sound great and you have my vote. Good luck!

Perhaps Martin is upset about the tax breaks given to large corps (the Josie) and now porposed for the MT MUD housing development that put the existing service providers at a disadvantage.

Terry Miller on town Council is a no brainer.

Way to go Terry.... giv'r

rumour has it that he is a '' Foiler''    . You've got my vote Milty



In my calendar as"Vote for Milty day".

Best of Luck, Terry!

Hi Terry, 


Reading your bio I’m impressed. After 300 years drinking coffee in this country, and with books one of the only forms of entertainment during that time, it is truly visionary to have been the first in Canada to see the opportunity of selling these two together in the 1980’s. 


In the previous election you stated your intention to become better acquainted with many of the important issues that face our community before answering questions on specific topics. Believing as I do that elections are a time to learn about what the Candidate will do if elected, in being appointed to the OCP advisory committee I trust you are up to speed on things and don’t mind expressing your views on the following 3 topics. if you have any questions for me that you feel will help engage voters please send them along and I will do my best to answer them.


1) A Petition for Referendum surrounding the Emcon Mixed Use Development generated 350 signatures only to be unanimously denied on two occasions by council. What are your thoughts on the holding of a referendum on this topic? and, If elected to council, what percentage of the electorate would have to sign a petition on a proposed project for you to engage with them?


2) Earlier this year the Josie Hotel approached Council about extending their tax exempt status for another 5 years. Significant opposition was raised by the community to this proposition and council ultimately deferred the question of revitalization tax exemptions to the OCP advisory committee. As a member of the OCP Advisory Committee what is your position on the provision of municipal tax breaks to developers?


3) While you were Chair of the Sustainability Commission a few years back I was Chair of its Innovative Education Task Force, a Task Force of which you were also a member. Eventually a conflict arose between your intention to use grant money to support your Small Home Building Course and Almeda’s writing workshops and what I believed was a duty to utilize the funds to support the initiative and not individual courses. This disagreement led to my resignation as Chair, your assumption of that role, and ultimately the expenditure of $25,000 in support of courses offered by members of the Task force which I recall brought in around $2000. As Chair of the Sustainability Commission at this time what lessons learned can you share from this experience, and what metrics do you intend to utilize in ensuring accountability on grants managed by the City if elected to council?


Thanks in advance,





We are relieved you are a candidate Milty!  I am voting in advance next Wednesday the 18th and Denis wil be home to vote in advance on Wednesday the 25th.  If his flight is delayed, he will be voting on Saturday the 28th.

All the dates synchronize well with our schedules.

The City of Rossland is long overdue to have a full Council and we appreciate you running for the vacant postiion.

Silly election pedantry, eh Lisa? Too bad you are not able to vote on behalf of Denis either. 

Terry "Milty" Miller, thanks for running. You have great experience, work well with others, listen to pros and cons, and consider actual facts and evidence before making a decision. You have the good of the community foremost in mind. You're a fair and open-minded person.  You will make a great addition to Council!

First off, thanks to everyone for the support you’ve offered on this thread as well as on the street. I’ve been warned that putting oneself in the public arena is a tough slog, so your words of encouragement are most uplifting.

I want to restate why am I running. Quite simply, I was asked directly by certain people whom I respect that I run for this position. Plus I had more than a few other people suggest – unsolicited - that I would be a good fit for this role. I thrive on new experiences (now, about municipal politics), and I want to directly contribute to my community once again. So I said ‘why not?’


Letting your name stand for public office is truly a strange trip. Some of you said you were impressed by my past. Thanks. But my introduction above was only intended to paint a picture of the different community roles and activities I’ve been involved with over the years. I think it’s important that people know that I gravitate to projects intended to make Rossland a better and more interesting place to live. When it comes to Rossland, I tend to have a view that is biased towards what can be, our potential.


Then there are people who tend to see community affairs through a different lens altogether. These are the community watchdogs. These people are essential and I do appreciate their perspective, truly. Every strategy and every decision deserves a fulsome debate, and such voices deserve to be heard. 



But the quality of the debate always hinges upon the character of the people involved, what information they chose to present, or what misinformation they want to spread.  


The question Fletcher lobs out about my time with the Sustainability Commission has the odour of someone who is trying to raise their own status by calling into question my character. But he’s barking up the wrong tree. 

The Education Task Force was endorsed by the City of Rossland and was overseen by a council member who sat on each of our Sustainability Commission meetings. There were a lot of eyes on this social experiment. If there was some problem Fletcher saw, now is an especially interesting time to bring it up to the public. Never mind the misinformation, dragging my family into this serves only to expose how low the bar can go by some. 


To put a stake in the ground about the Emcon/City Hall question. I am eager to dive into all the different aspects of this project so I can become better informed. There is a ton of good information on the city website. I believe that the pros and cons of the different options are clearly articulated and I trust that council has made the best decision to not only create a functional city hall but to also support the creation of affordable housing. What isn't known at this time is construction costs, so we'll have to wait and see the bids that come in. If bids are higher than expected, we can take another hard look. Plenty of opportunities to work through this. There's also been a lot of talk about how there was "zero" public input. This is not true, but I respect that different people will feel like their voice hasn't been heard. At the same time, the reason we elect officials is to do the work, and make the best-informed decisions, so no, I don't support a referendum at this time. Is city debt the main issue for people? The city has cash reserves as well as different properties they plan to sell to offset the projected costs of the city hall portion of the project. It's my understanding that at $3M, there would not be much or any debt incurred. In a world where a decent sized house in Rossland costs $500-800K to build, $3M to acquire a modern, efficient space seems to me like a solid, long term investment. Again, I plan on getting much closer to this project if I am elected, so I reserve the right to change my position.


Re: tax deferrals for the Josie. I was at that council meeting when council denied the Josie a further tax deferral. What council did say, is that the OCP process presents a great opportunity to re-think what we do as a community. I think the topic of growth is going to be a very interesting discussion. How big do we want our town to grow? If at all.  Therefore, you'll see me be putting in a lot of energy into getting people to help with the OCP process. It's our time to collectively imagine a future Rossland for our kids and grandkids.


Hey folks, from my perspective, making a choice in this by election should be relatively straightforward as Mr. Quince and I are easily differentiated. I am looking towards building our community. I commit to being a careful and open listener to everyone’s different viewpoints. I intend to weigh carefully all the facts and opinions, and then make the best decision I can for the good of the community. That’s why we elect officials. 


I trust that voters will do the same, as they weigh the character and positions of the candidates. Thanks again for your consideration.

I'm liking the cut of your jib Milty!

since this seems to be a question and answer format, 


      If elected to city council would you leash Your dog downtown like the rest of town is required to do, errrrr how on that?

 Your responses to Fletcher's questions make it clear that you are a person of good character. I think given the onslaught of demeaning rhetoric and misinformation that we've had to listen to over the past 4 years from our southern neighbours, the last thing I want is to have someone on our council behaving that way. 

I think you'll make a wonderful addition to our council, best of luck to you Terry!

Hey Terry - so happy you are running, and after reading your introductory comments and your response, I am even happier that we have the option to vote for someone with such a calm, non-confrontational, but strong character. And a fun character as well :)

You've got my vote!!

Good Morning Terry,


Having spoken with Almeda already, I will not belabour any discussion of your family here except to say I have only positive things to say to, and about, both Almeda and Sharmila. I apologized for the misunderstanding and I believe it was genuinely received. 


For clarity, to my knowledge I have also not expressed issue with other members of the IETF, the operation of the Monashee Institute, or Council’s oversight of this matter. If an issue exists between us it stems from pressure excerpted by you as Chair of the Sustainability Commission on myself as a lower member of that organization. This pressure was to utilize public funds in line with your vision and for the benefit of yourself and your immediate family. I was not supportive of this, something expressed to you in person at your home, separately to Mayor Moore, and in writing at the time of my departure as Chair of the IETF. A strong supporter of innovative education I was disappointed the IETF was not a fit for me. 


Since this interaction formed the basis of our early relationship, and you have been absent from the political, social and economic development of Rossland during the 11 years I have spent rejuvenating its centre piece, I still believe number (3) to be a fair question. 


As we will be working together on Rossland’s renaissance over the next couple of years regardless of election results, addressing this underlying tension also seemed the adult thing to do. Appreciating this remains a sensitive topic for you, and politics is as yet unfamiliar territory, as Kathy knows, I won’t take a little slander personally.


Again, thank-you for running.


Thank-you as well for clarifying your position on the referendum and EMUD. Council had the opportunity to ask any public input question it wished on this by-election including about proceeding with the project if there was a need to borrow. The decision not to allow for public input on this topic given the opportunity, and to proceed without revisiting the pre-COVID plan is a central issue for many in this election


Clearly a distinction between someone getting to know the issues, and someone who is actively participating in addressing them exists. Just as there is a distinction between someone who once ran a business here, and someone who actively does. Between visionary claims and their actualization. 


As Mayoral choice for council an appointment to the OCP Advisory Committee between by-elections no doubt offered a good place for you to start. Sure it reeks of nepotism and prevented others who offered to participate from doing so, but it’s important your voice, like everyone elses, is a part of our community narrative. An appreciable amount of forethought was no doubt undertaken prior to accepting the position.


No doubt you will fit in well on a council that believes once elected one is engendered with the capacity to know best. A council that will spend 3 months paying to do public input around cannabis retail (that the OCP, bylaws, and previous public input supported) but not even ask a non-binding question about the expenditure of $ 3 Million still months before a proposed project goes to tender. That continues to spend $ 6,500/ month in rent because it simply will not repair what it has.


Should Rossland’s electorate want another wagon in the circle they stand on the outside of I believe you would be a fine choice. Please don't take it personally if not many people do. 

Mr. Miller, can you please provide your opinion on this rhetorical statement you made? 


"How big do we want our town to grow? If at all."


Thank you.

Hi NomNom...

The quote above is an open question to our community, rather than a rhetorical statement, per se. What I mean is that Rossland is attracting more and more people who are buying or building here. People have been moving here for reasons of lifestyle, for real estate that is a relative bargain compared to the coast, for being able to work virtually, and/or because of our town's welcoming attitude. The City has taken positive steps to open up in-fill lots, which is a great way of limiting sprawl. But building lots are becoming more scarce. Parking downtown and parking related to those new infill houses is becoming more challenging. Which leads back to my question: What is our desired size (population and neighbourhoods, etc.)? Too few people make it hard to justify schools, make it hard for local retail businesses. Too many people means more traffic, the potential for urban sprawl.... What is the ideal balance? I think we need to come to together as a community and work this through. The OCP process is a a perfect forum for this discussion. You in? 

HI Fletcher

I am working with a group of girl guides who are learning about the election for a challenge they are working.  They have a list of questions they have come up with that they'd like to have both candidates answer.  Could you send me an email contact to  I have Terry's address and would like to be able to send the questions to both of you.  Thanks Lori


Hi Lori

I very much hope one of the questions being asked by the Girl Guides is:

"Dear Mr. Quince, why are you behaving like such a childish asshole?"

Mossy.....What a childish question.

I appreciate the 'high road' responses from Terry...who i've never met, but will be voting for. 

Very happy to see your name on the ballot Terry. I think you can add a lot of value to Council and our community. From experience, I know what a huge committment you are making. Thank you for running.


I also appreciated Milty's tactful responses to the "questions". 

On the other hand, I'm a bit alarmed by this (Mr. Quince): "No doubt you will fit in well on a council that believes once elected one is engendered with the capacity to know best." 

Or, "Should Rossland’s electorate want another wagon in the circle they stand on the outside of I believe you would be a fine choice. Please don't take it personally if not many people do."

The above passive aggressive statement gives me the impression of a lack of respect for the democratic process that elected our council in the first place.  It's just not okay to attack the people you are going to try to work with.


Thanks for the introduction, Terry.  Looking forward to voting this week.

Early voting starts TODAY! and repeats next Wed. 25. Final voting day is Saturday, Nov. 28.

All voting takes place at the Miner's Hall - 8am-8pm. 


Bring two (2) pieces of ID to prove residency and identity (at least one with a signature). 

Although not mandatory, Elected Officials are expecting all voters to wear a mask inside the Miners Hall. I urge you take the mask business to heart these days as I have a sense this pandemic is about to get real around here.

Please take a few minutes to vote. It's your first (and easiest) way of saying that what goes on in our town matters to you. 

I am posting on behalf of my husband, as he has not received approval to be a member with Bhubble yet, and wants to speak before he leaves town before the election day on Saturday.  He did an early vote yesterday.  An NO, Fletcher, I did NOT vote for him, nor did I write this post, so please keep your 'snarkalicous' comments about me to yourself, as you end up looking even more sophomoric.

I want to say thank you Terry for all of your dignified responses to Mr. Quince’s questions.

It has become a sad day in Rossland when a candidate resorts to insulting the other candidate and his family as well as posting a rather cryptic insult at constituent.  (my wife)

Rather than merely speaking of his own platform, Mr. Quince fails to rein in his continuous mis-truths and thinly veiled insults at Terry Miller as well as Mayor Moore and the current Council.

These are the people he expects to work with.  That is not the way to cultivate a working relationship.

What is really outlandish is that these actions are a parallel to what we have been witnessing in horror to the country immediately south of us.

I always thought Rossland has far more dignity than to stoop to such levels and never in all of my years as a resident have I witnessed such poor behaviour and rhetoric.

Mr. Miller, you have my vote.

Mr. Quince, you are an embarrasment.

Denis Bjegovich