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Whitewater kayaking

I was walking Rossland and saw a few whitewater kayaks. 

I was wondering what class rapids there are around here and when is the best time for kayaking.  


Both Endless Adventures and Nelson Rafting Co operate on the Slocan River. They claim these rapids are Class III. The "lower" section may be Class III but the "upper" is certainly not as we float it regularly on tubes in the summer.

I'm not super familiar with other options, but they may be out there!

There's also a Facebook group, "Kootenay Paddlers (Wednesday Nights)".  It started out as a group that got together on Wed. evenings to paddle the Slocan, but now they get together randomly whenever, including doing things like surfing the Trail wave on the Columbia when it is in. Many are expert paddlers, but it looks like there are beginner/intermediates in this group also.

March is when the Columbia drops for good park and play options on trail wave and hero hole. April-July is typical season with a variety of options from river running (III/IV) to steep creeping (VI / V).  Keep an eye on that group posted above and ask away if u have more questions

Great thanks for the tips!!