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Seeking information re. Recycling in upper Rossland

Hi Rossland!

Does anyone have information about why recycling got missed in parts of upper Rossland today?

Thank you :)

You can give Alpine a call tomorrow and they can let you know. Sometimes if the roads are bad or they have a mechanical issue, they pick up late or even the next day. Their phone number is in the link. 

This happens to me all the time.  Summer and winter.  when I phone they tell me too bad and I have to wait till the next pick up.  My favourite is when after a month of recycling is collected in my blue bins and I didn't it sort it cause the bins are jam packed they leave me a note saying that they won't pick it up cause not sorted.  

An update for anyone who did not have their recycle picked up on Jan 6th.

The crew worked until 10 pm last night, dealing with difficult driving conditions, walking uphills to collect recycling, and getting very cold and wet in the process. I believe they did their best, and all I have to do is look out my window in order to validate that road conditions created an extra challenge. 

They are running their regular Thursday route. You can call and make a request to have your recycle picked up if it was on a street that got missed and IF they have time at the end of today, they will add it on to their list.

There is no change to drop recyling off at the landfill in Trail if you can not deal with the volume for another two weeks.