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internet service in Rossland

We're moving to Rossland and need input on the best internet service provider. I've heard that high speed internet in the area has challenges, input on which provider(s) is the best and which to avoid appreciated.

I'm no expert.. hopefully somebody who is will chime in, but as far as I know your choices are Shaw Cable or Telus. When I started with Telus I wanted the Optik bundle because it came with a free laptop... but we don't have optic here.  Then I moved from lower to upper Rossland and had to downgrade from High Speed to High Speed Lite because I was told we don't have a high speed hub. I can't even watch Netflix because the sound gets ahead of the picture.

Not sure what other people have experienced, but we're kind of stuck with what we have. Telus is cheaper of the two.

Shaw is half decent here.  Telus I find likes to screw people around.  

I agree with prensen.  Shaw is half decent.  Telus is reknown for nasty customer 'service'.  Shaw provides incentive loyalty packages too.  We had to spend a frequent amount of time away from our home base and decided it was pointless having internet.  They offered a good package.  No problems with the Netflix.  I don't know about cable, we ony used internet.

The Columbia Basin Broadcasting Coorporation recently brought fiberoptic into Rossland. I'm not sure if it's being offered to residents yet...but it wont hurt to ask. The three internet service providers on fiber optic are:

1) Columbia Networks - 1 888 527 0540

2) Columbia Wireless - 1 250 505 4041

3) Secure-By-Design - 1 877 373 6121

There is currently a construction project in progress in Rossland. As part of the project, fiber optic conduit will be installed up where Kirkup Ave. meets the highway. I'm not sure when the service providers would have their cable installed, but you would think it would be soon after the project.

Hope it helps

There are other ISPs you can use such as who run their service over Telus or Shaw infrastructure but they can be friendlier and easier to work with.

I've used Telus for years and have found it very stable and have never had any problems with service. But the most they can offer in Rossland right now is 15mbps, which works fine for Netflix, but I work with big files for my work so it was getting pretty bogged down. So I switched to Shaw about 6 mos ago and got a 30mbps service, and it's worked great. Shaw also offers 60mbps and 120mbps service in Rossland.

I've used both Shaw and Telus and haven't noticed much of a difference. I've Shaw for the past year and it's been good. What I really like about it is that Shaw "hotspots" are located all over the place and now my phone automatically connects to wifi for free in those locations. 

Telus offers up to 25 mbps service in Rossland (which I have and can vouch for), but often can only provide up to 15 mbps in many/certain areas of Rossland.  Telus has superior service and uptime compared to Shaw, but Shaw currently has better speeds in most areas of Rossland.  However, that will change as Telus gradually rolls out its Fibre-to-Home Service which is now already in Trail, Castlegar, Grand Forks and is headed this way too.  Once that occurs, Telus will be the clear winner in my mind...but for the time being if you are after the highest speed available, try Shaw.  CBBC does indeed have fibre broadband available (synchronous which is nice) downtown only...but that service is aimed primarily at business for now, is a bit/a lot more expensive, and is not available in most of Rossland's residential areas. 

teksavvy sux, their customer service is terrible!!!
I recommend shaw.

How much do people pay with Shaw per month? I notice that Telus is raising their monthly rates for home Internet service.

thanks everyone for your feedback!  We went with Shaw, they've recently lowered their prices and increased the bandwidth available with their packages.  Kudos to their customer service as a week after we installed they proactively called me back to offer me a new promo that was a lower per month rate for the first year with the increased bandwidth (150 mbps) --


For great netflix reception-I bought a power line adaptor.  This is a great option if your TV or possibly 2nd computer is a long way from your router.  We live in a long house.

You plug one adaptor into an electrical outlet and the router-by the computer.  The second one goes into the electrical outlet right by your tv, and into your tv, and voila, the signal piggy backs onto the powerline from the computer all the way down the long hall to your tv.  No more buffering because of the distance and netflix viewing is what it should be.  All of the headaches and hair pulling are over.  This should work out upstairs downstairs too.  Check it out online.

I am using, you can try them, works great for me.

Well, go for time warner internet they offer reliable services. I am using their service since last month and I have never notice any drops in speed. I have ordered bundled services from them.

There are a lot of new and ole Internet service providers across our country.  It is better you search in sites like ConsumerTriple play to get best internet service provider details. They always come up with reliable data.

Shaw offers 150 mb/s download and 25mb/s for $50 for 1st year and $80 for the second​ year.

They have 4 fiber optic nodes in town with several more to be installed this year. You support local employees and Shaw will alway support there services.  

I used to be irritated with unfriendly nature my cable TV provider, so I decided to get my personal satellite TV connection instead. Now, I get all entertainment, movies, knowledge, and news channels at affordable price.