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Bus from Rossland to Trail Hospital: Does it work?

A ski accident has me needing to travel from Rossland to the Trail Hospital and back by bus on a regular basis, since I can't drive.

I've looked at the bus schedule and there's a 2-4 minute time period to transfer from the Rossland bus and hop on the Hospital bus (and vice-versa) in downtown Trail.  

Anyone know if this works? Otherwise I'd be stuck in downtown Trail for 1-2 hours, waiting for the next bus to the hospital. Thanks for any information you have.

This has worked great for my kids going from bus to bus, can't say they have ever missed the next bus, even with only minutes between. Make sure you ask for a transfer when you get on so you don't have to pay on each bus. 

Thanks Tim. Anyone else? I talked to a hospital employee and she said the connections between Rossland, downtown Trail and the Hospital only work for a two PM appointment; otherwise you wind up hanging around in Trail for hours waiting for the next bus to Rossland.