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Rossland Computer Needs your old Computers!

Need a place to recycle that old phone/laptop/computer tower, Monitor? But you’re worried about your data and the environment. Let us securely wipe your old hard drives and repurpose your old equipment for local youth groups and people in need! Secure our environment by following the 3 Rs!!! Help us keep our costs down to you through our used parts depot. All unusable parts will be responsibly recycled through the depot here in Trail.

We need your decommisioned electronics to make a differance in a kids life! Please bring them in and we will make sure your old Computers are securely wiped and refurbished for reuse! Help our environment and a family in need all in one swoop! We are Rossland Computer Repair 1142 cedar ave. 250-231-0811! Let's make a differance together!


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