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Just curious

Im reading about John turner and was wondering if anyone knew which house he lived while in Rossland?   John was Canada's 17th prime minister.  How long did he live here?  Pretty cool.  Thanks for any info.  

I believe he lived in Rossland only for a short time as a child (returning with his mother & sister after his father died) to the beautiful family home at the corner of Earl St and Union Ave in lower Rossland.

Cool.  Thanks for the info.  

Cool.  Thanks for the info.  

I disagree. I am quite sure it is on Washington, at the corner across from main entry at (former RSS_ school.

I stand are absolutely correct. The house on Earl & Union is the Ross Thompson House. 2418 Washington St is the correct house connected to John Turner.

Here is a very interesting link to the Rossland Heritage Home Inventory.





Pg 55 is the Turner house

Pg 160 is the Thompson house