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Need a family dr in the area

Hi, I am looking for a family dr in the area but everywhere seems to be full. Anyone know of anywhere taking new patients even in castlegar? Also is there a walk in clinic nearby? And what is the best option for urgent/emergency care? Have had a couple of bad experiences at Trail hospital already like waiting 5 hours then being refused assessment and treatment because i wasnt going to drop dead right now! Long story! Thanks in advance.

My best advice is the walk in clinic in Nelson. THey are very good there and I believe it is 7 days a week. it is located in the mall.

I managed to get in with a family doctor in Rossland but the last 3 times I needed a doctor, I ended up at the walk in clinic or emergency room because I could not be seen by my doctor in 2 weeks. My family doctor in typical Rossland style works only Tue to Thursday and between 10-3 pm and It is hard if you work.  Doctor's surgeries in Trail are bigger and doctors are more available but it is so hard to be accepted as new patient. maybe if you can hold on until the ski season finishes you have more chances to be accepted, right now with the tourists and skiers the surgeries are full.

Thankyou thats very helpful.

Thankyou thats very helpful.