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Where to recycle a dryer?

Anyone know where I can take an old clothes dryer to recycle?


Does it cost? It still works but is on its last-legs.



Cascade highway

Not Cool,  Rob34, Not cool at all!

Are you KIDDING Rob34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cascade highway used to be the site of the town dump, which attracted wildlife and led to removal and destroying of animals. Those people who still think that you can dump your garbage anywhere, THINK Again. There is a $500.00 fine for dumping. Think of the dangers of tossing appliances. Freon leaking into the soil and water, rusty metal being a potential deathtrap for wildlife and also domestic dogs that are frequently walked in this area.


Snoop please be responsible and take it to Columbia Recycle on the Old Wanetta Highway, probably for less than $20.00. If you need a truck to transport...please ask and I am sure someone will step up to save appliances being dumped in our backyard.

UPDATE!! No charge at Columbia Recycle

Awesome! Thanks skigirl_one