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a Gluten question

Does anyone use Teja gluten free flour?

How do you use it-substitute it 1 for flour in recipes?

Is it best for cakes, or breads?

I bought a big bag, used it for bread-didn't turn out.  Used it for a cake, with questionable results.

Contacted the Teja facebook page with my question and received no answer.

Ferraros tell me that the flour is selling well.  How are you using it?

You might need to take elevation into account?  Leveners don't work as well at 1000m.

I have not tried this flour. Often you need to add something to gluten free flour, like xantham gum, in order for the flour to work like your basic all purpose. There is plenty of info online. Happy baking :)

Hi! I'm not familiar with that flour mix but wanted to let you know thatbif you ever need GF products we are developing a line of them and they are currently available at RSMM. You can see a bit more about it on our website.

Thanks very much for your replies.

They were very helpful.