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How's your telus internet?

How's your telus signal? Last couple of days mine has been up and down. Frustrating. 


I'm on Shaw and it's been crappy also. Random, sporadic throughput.

We have been having problems again recently too. Rebooting the router for a good few mintues seems to clear it for a while. I do not have time to deal with Telus right now so have not followed up. We had a year of constant problems with Telus. We live out of town and it is our only option other than satellite. I have stuck through it after repeated service calls. This was especially frustrating as they did not show up for some of the scheduled days. If you have dealt with Telus, they usually only give you the day they are coming but not anything more than that. They require you to be home. We are fortunate that we can do that but I cannot imagine how most people can. We finally got 3 months trouble free this Winter after they found 6 different problems. It took the internet and phone completely going down for nearly a week to get to that point. All problems were outside of the house and included line and network problems. Unfortunately I seemed to know more than half the techs that came and I am certainly no professional. They ended up giving us a ton of credits but I would switch in a heart beat if another provider came down our road. Unfortunately, our experience with satellite is that it too is not reliable, especially when snowing.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one - yes, it's been crappy the last few days.

I've had telus support on the horn two or three times. They assure me that the signal to my house is good. I've Rebooted and reset my router a half dozen times. But there's no pattern. Sometimes - like right now - my wifi is fine, then poof, out for hours at a time. They say they are going to send someone around this way to do who knows what. My guess, is it's the Telus signal. Someone on the top of Red is using the antenna for weiner sticks. SEcond guess is that my router is packing it in, but I can't see that really. Routers work or they don't, don't they? 

routers can definately be intermitant..usually over a period of time..or very heavy use.

take an ethernet cable, and plug in a laptop (or similar)..That at least will confirm that you have internet connectivity.