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abandoned wild turkey chicks - Need help / home

Can anybody help with care for two fledgling wild turkey chicks?  They were found this morning after a coyote (presumably) attacked the hen. Two have survived the shock but they need to be in a safe environment with a heat lamp and maybe other types of chicks.  They are only partially fledged. I have a dog and a cat so cannot bring them indoors and do not have a safe place for them outside. They are currently ensconced in my greenhouse with a towel and hot water bottle for warmth. Advice is welcome even if you can't provide a new home?\

thx Sarah

What's your phone number Sarah?

Sarah, I may be able to help. we could put them in with my ducks. 2 of them are sitting on eggs but one isn't. She might just adopt them as she is quite maternal. Call me at 250-231-6529

Call C.O.  Im pretty sure adopting wildlife is illegal.  Sorry.


Call C.O.  Im pretty sure adopting wildlife is illegal.  Sorry.


Ok Johnny 5000, here's where  illegal and immoral are so far apart it's laughable. The laws about not owning wildlife are intended to protect wildlife. The *intent* there is to save lives. The CO would kill them. I had a similar incident with a baby flying squirrel a few years ago. Called the CO for some ideas on groups that would take it in and was told "put it back on the stoop, it is illegal to have one in your possession". Seriously, skippy... so it can be ripped apart by a kitty cat? I'm sorry, but that's stupid, callous and short-sided.

Thank you, Sarah, for being a kind and compassionate person. That's true conservation!

ps - a dear friend of mine drove the baby all the way to a rescue in Salmon Arm.