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from Kathy Moore: streetlights and swimming holes

Forwarding this at Kathy Moore's request - she's having technical difficulties and is heading out of town:


I’m heading off grid for a bit so I won’t be posting anything for awhile. I wanted to give a few updates from last night’s council mtg. More details will be in Council’s Aug newsletter.

1) There will be no further discussion of using either of our reservoirs for a swimming hole. Even if it were feasible from a health and safety perspective, it would be fiscally irresponsible for us to take on an additional recreational facility and deal with the expense of sanitation, parking, security, access, liability, maintenance, integrity of the dam etc.

2) Council reconfirmed our streetlight policy: We will be replacing streetlights with LED. They are new, they will be bright but there will be less of them. We are removing lights from mid-blocks, dead ends and on rural, less traveled roads. This is both a cost saving measure and to reduce the negative impacts of light pollution. Some lights in lower Rossland have been bagged, removed and/or replaced. The conversion process will start in upper Rossland soon. Watch for changes in your neighborhood. We will consider special circumstances. Lights can be lowered on the stanchions and redirected.

The mid-block light on First Ave at the United Church should be dealt with, its too bright and shines in the windows of my place. lowered or redirected would be good.