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Hooper's Baking at the Rossland Farmer's Market and Fall Fair Market

Do you enjoy getting fresh bread, tarts, truffles and croissants from Rebecca Hooper's stand at the Farmer's Market?

We want to let you know that this week we won't be at the Thursday Farmer's Market because we will be at the Fall Fair Market at the arena this Saturday from 11am - 5pm with:

  - Seedy Country Loaf
  - Regular Country Loaf
  - Walnut and Fig bread
  - Baguette
  - Brioche

  - Pain au Chocolat
  - Croissant
  - Double Baked Almond Croissant
  - Small and large fruit tarts
     * Huckleberry * Pear * Peach * Plum * Strawberry Rubarb * Blueberry Raspberry
  - Apple Pie
  - Zucchini Chocolate loaf
  - Banana Almond loaf

  - Cookies
     * Vanilla Bean Shortbread * Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip * Triple Chocolate
  - Macaron (gluten free)
     * Kalamansi * Chocolate * Passionfruit
  - Dark Chocolate Vanilla Bean Truffles (gluten free and nut free)

Next Thursday, the 14th, we will be back at the Rossland Farmer's Market as usual.

We're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Fall Fair Market!

 Ben and Rebecca