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hi there! my husband and I have both sent messages (via contact form) to the admin of this site over the last month with no reply. we are wanting to do paid ads. Can anyone provide a direct email or number for this person? thanks! ;-) oxo

I did find a phone number and left a message. 


I have been made aware of the situation. we are new in town and do not know her. Thank you.


Hello, can someone tell me if anyone is managing this site yet? I understand the owner is ill.

Or.... do you know if the person in charge could use some help? I'd love to volunteer! 

Same here, trying to post paid ad with no reponse.  hello, anyone administrating this site?

I am also trying to get hold of admin. Please advice if anyone gets a response :)

Hi Everyone

I owe all of you a huge apology, I am very sorry for my apparent abscence here on Bhubble. I have e-mailed each of you, so please look for that correspondence and I hope to hear back from you.

I am still working through my personal health issues but am going to make an honest effort to keep on top of things here on Bhubble and respond to inquiries/emails. You can contact me either via the main contact page or via report abuse on Bhubble.

Thanks for using Bhubble and I look forward to helping all you with any of your Bhubble inquiries.
Alynn McKenzie Smith
Bhubble Admin

Thank you Alynn for the work you do on Bhubble and providing it as a service for the community. There will likely always be disputes over bears, dogs, road widths etc. and at times emotions mixing poorly with keyboards. Beyond that though, I very much appreciate the value of the online message board and it's role in creating a space for community events and community issues, some good deals, and every now and then civil discussion. All the best with your health and thank you for this resource and the energy and time it no doubt consumes to keep running!  

Well said SLars. 

Great job Alynn!


Great Job Alynn Thank you!

Get well soon!



you’re Amazing Alynn!