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PLEASE clean up after your dogs!

The Centennial trail is literally turning into a 'dumping ground'.....every day there is more and more dog poop along it, adding to the already disgusting smell of the sewer vents.

The majority of the poop is between the parking lot and the tunnel; please don't use the excuse that you were on your bike or running/walking and 'didn't notice'....let your dog do its business, CLEAN IT UP, and then carry on with your activity.

There are a few of us who clean up after our dogs AND yours...have some respect for others in the community before one of our favourite trails is closed due to neglectful dog owners.



Pathetic. Whether it's speeding or poop, too many just don't give a rats ass anymore, if ever...

I recently moved to Rossland and I have a dog.  I mentioned to a few Rossland long term residents that I was shocked that people did not pick-up their dog poop and the answer I got was: "it has always been like that and it will never change"...  I have picked-up poop from other dogs that was actually on the trail...  not even on the side...  It is really bad...  I think not picking up after your dog is disrespectful....  I would certainly appreciate clean trails and see people pick up poop...  Thank you

I no longer have a dog but have never been a fan of the little baggies either, I used the stick and flick approach of using a stick to flick the poop off the trail and into the bushes where it decomposes naturally 

Isn't that near our water reservoir?

Isn't that near our water reservoir?

Here we go....The entitled Rosslanders still at it. I bet a MAJORITY of the people complaining about speeders are the same ones who don't clean up after there dogs. 

We're so entitled. Look at us wanting people to clean up dog poop near our water supply (you previously seemed concerned about people swimming in the water supply) and on trails that many of us volunteer to maintain. Geez, so entitled for wanting to not be tailgated on highways and keep residential and school streets safer.

If only we were like those communities that embrace dog poop everywhere and let people drive however they wanted around schools. You know which communities I'm talking about?


I'm talking about the entitled Rosslanders who think it's ok to not pick up or even toss there pets feces into the forest in plastic bags. You know how many of those poop bags get tossed into the forest? lots. 

My point was that there's some serious hypocrisy around here.

Misunderstood it. Sorry!