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Green Waste

Hopefully someone can help answer..


Does the City do a street clean up of green waste in the fall? (Like they do in the spring)


If not, is the best solution for getting rid of green waste (maily leaves etc) to take it down to the dump in trail?



I'm not aware of a fall clean-up unfortunately. It would be so nice if there was! The Trail dump does have a yard waste bin, for herbaceous-type waste (not branches, I don't think). I just brought a heavy, wet  1/2 truckload there for under $1.50!

Ok thanks for the help KV! I agree, a fall clean-up would be really helpful considering the amount of leaves everyone has to dispose!

Looks like a trip to trail for me then

Just a suggestion: If you must bag your leaves, try to empty them in the appropriate bin and re-use your bags. Tossing bags of leaves in the bin is counter productive. Better yet, let the leaves decompose under the snow over winter and feed your lawn and all the little critters in the ecosystem at the same time! You save time, energy (fuel going to landfill, plastic bags) and Nature never needs to dispose the leaves :)

I would take your leaves for compost. Let me know if you still need to get rid of them . 5one2 9four77