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Closest place to get passport photos done

Hi, does anyone know the nearest place to get passport photos done? (not a machine)

Walmart doesn't seem to do them, and Doell's voicemail says their closed until late December. 


I had them done at Walmart earlier in the year...unless their policy has changed since then?

Thanks for responding Sara – I have just found out that the Walmart studio, where they do the passport photos, is in a different location to their photo centre! 

Did my passport photos last week at Walmart, and that's correct not at the photo centre, but by the MacDonalds, and the cashiers.  Handed them into the Service Canada office today in Trail.  Super easy!  


Shoppers drug mart in Castlegar does them!

Hello from Doell Photo.  We are in Vietnam on vacation.

We will be once again doing passport photos starting in January.  

Location will be Rossland only.

We will post the day and times.

Sorry to have inconvenienced so many of you.