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Rossland Dog Licences

Hi, I'm trying to find out about buying a dog licence (as per the City's recent newsletter). Apparently you can buy it online, but I have searched the City's website and cannot find anything, even any note as to how much it costs. I get no response to emails via the website and have asked twice now. Before going down to the offices to find out, I was wondering if anyone has located the relevant page on the site and if so, maybe they could copy and paste the link here.


The fees are under schedule A

I'm not sure if buying on-line is an option, but you will need to go into city hall to pick up the tag anyway.

Thanks, that's great.


When I first moved to Rossland, I thought it was pretty charming to see dogs comfortably enjoying their freedom around town. I remember leaving bars after music shows and being greeted by huge happy fluffy doggos that would look at me like they wanted me to follow them. Multiple times I followed loose dogs back to after-parties in houses I'd never been to, and met some real genuine colleagues that way. The fact that there were so many furry pals in this town seemed to set a really friendly vibe across the entire community. To me, Rossland felt like a picturesque frontier town where adventurous spirit thrived, and the freedom to live unconventional extraordinary lifestyles was not only accepted but encouraged. Over time, I've felt that many of the changes being made by the council are working to diminish that charm, and that Rossland is simply becoming less interesting/more expensive :(

Exactly how I now feel about Rossland these days d. There was a time I couldnt imagine moving anywhere else. Feels like a certain amount of the charm is gradually fading/ being sucked out. I miss old Rossland.

Ill probably end up deleting this message later when the usual crowd get on here to avoid getting bashed but I hear ya d.