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Tree danger on our trails

Please be extra alert when using our trails right now. Better yet, consider an urban stroll until this current cycle of carnage is over.

Trees are uprooting or breaking at a devastating rate right now. The weight of snow in the forest canopy right now is bending and breaking even the biggest and healthiest firs.

You need to shift your habit of watching the trail in front of you and look up. Turn your earbuds off and turn your spidey senses on high. You should be especially nervous around trees that have any kind of lean or are bending at the top.

And if you see people on the trails, remind them to pay attention. I'm not sure people understand how dynamic and deadly this current situation is right now. Last night - at two different times - I was within meters and minutes of trees that came crashing down. Absolutely freaky. ~25% of the forest around Eddy J is down. Looks completely different right now. Moe's and Larry's is a war zone and TechnoGrind is impassable right now.

Also, we need to have a discussion about winter trail maintenance with the Trails Society to deal with downed trees, et al. Winter usage of these three trails is high so we need a paid, trained crew to do regular maintenance. Just sayin'.

Thanks for the PSA! I didn't realize the extent of potential catstrophe.

Thanks to Rory and the fat bike crew for cleaning a lot of this stuff up. 

From the sound of the chainsaws it sounded like someone was doing lots of work back in Larry and Moes a couple of days ago. 

thanks for this a daily user of the trails I concur that there needs to be a discussion with the Trails Society about winter maintenance as they are being utilized at a far greater rate during the winter than ever before. I for one would gladly pay a little extra for my Trails Society membership to allow this to happen.