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Fell in love with the Rossland range...

Hello Rossland!

We are Katie and Connor originally of corn town Chilliwack. The last three years we have been on a hell of a honeymoon all over British Columbia and the yukon in search of our future possible home in the west; because as you know our beautiful Fraser valley hometown is no longer affordable nor the safe place it used to be. We have fallen in love with two places. Smithers, and Rossland....for obvious reasons I think! 


My partner and I are planning to relocate to Rossland after this summer (we work up in Dawson City) and join the working force at the ski hill. Connor is a snow board instructor and I am a housekeeper extrondinair. 


Please Rossland, do you have any tips for us (obtaining short term, long term rooms, suites, apartments, houses, trailers...) we are head over heels with the Rossland range and we've been searching for you for so long....

If you make it clear you're willing to sign a year long lease when everyone is hunting in November, that will give you a leg up.

Thank you!