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May 27, 2018 MS Walk Chairperson


The MS Walk Committee Chair will provide leadership and direction to the Volunteer Walk Committee in event planning efforts, to ensure a successful MS Walk on May 27th, 2018 in your city.


Contributing your time and talents to the MS Walk committee is a meaningful opportunity to give back to your community and those affected by MS.  MS Walks are our largest fundraising event across Canada.  Volunteering as Committee Chair for the MS Walk means gaining valuable experience by leading and organizing a well-recognized signature event while working with experienced staff and comprehensive resources.  The Chair will receive support from a Co-Chair and will work with a committee of 6-12 members, depending on the size of the community and event.


The committee chairperson will be responsible for:


- Provide support and leadership to committee members and fill gaps as needed to ensure a successful MS Walk


- Delegate duties and ensure assigned projects are completed successfully


- Lead organizing committee meetings


- Act as the point person for the assigned community walk; liaise with the staff liaison


- Network and recruit organizing committee members with the support of the MS Society to fill vacancies


Skills, Attitudes, Knowledge Required:


- Strong leadership abilities and experience.  Must be comfortable making decisions with limited supervision


- We encourage applications from individuals with 1-3 years of previous experience in fundraising and/or event coordination


- Strong organization, problem solving and communication skills (verbal and written)


- Knowledge of MS and the ability to positively represent the MS Society.


MS Society will support your success through:


- Providing comprehensive chair training and monthly support calls


- Offering a training session for various key committee positions


- The staff liaison will provide you with support and guidance


- Sharing comprehensive tools and resources


- The MS Society will provide support to the event in a variety of ways including participant services, marketing, PR , fundraising incentives


Time Commitment:


- Long term (November 2017 - May 2018).  Hours will vary based on the size of your community event, engagement level of committee members and other factors.  Hours will increase as the event approaches.  We estimate this role will take between 10 - 20 hours per month


- Attend a mandatory training/orientation as well as monthly support calls leading up to the event


- Lead monthly committee meetings; timing of meetings to be determined by chair


- Direct the weekend of event duties


Volunteer Benefits:


- Organize a meaningful community fundraising event, where funds enhance the lives of people affected by MS in your community


- Gain valuable experience in event planning and management


- Reference letter


To apply, please send a copy of your resume and a short cover letter to




Town: Trail, BC