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Great Idea for the Arena


I recently read that the arena needs to $200K to open this fall. Let’s start a crowdsource funding campaign. Call it ‘Put your money on Ice’.

All donators, sorry I mean investors, will get a wide range of benefits. Frozen water with lights for skating or curling, exclusively for your personal benefit, fine dining at the concession and overnight stays, and best of all safe tepid water for showers. Although, some might just rather go home, 5 minutes away, instead.

But wait, you’ll get this added bonus. Once the parking lot is sold to developers, sorry speculation, the arena might just be profitable. You’ll get your money back before other shareholders, sorry tax payers. I’m confused now.

If you act now, all donators, or shareholders, have no say or vote on what the money is used for. But don’t worry. The lead is paid a generous salary to set up this campaign and repeatedly promote the idea of a public subsidy, sorry investment. BTW, the crowdsource shares are unlimited.

In the end, the users can't be charged enough for the arena to profit, let alone operate. And then the money is long gone, long gone.

Sorry but our public administration, lawyers, aren’t able to set up this kind of agreement.

Please note: All ideas or suggestions are recommended but will not considered.