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Need help with Marketing your Business?

If your business needs more business, ask Rachel for assistance. Very affordable and completely local, Rachel brings you 8 years of experience marketing large corporate brands like Pepsi and L'Oreal, as well as running Digital Marketing for small to medium companies like hotels and travel agencies.

Now, Rachel brings her expertise to your small business here in Rossland, where you can have a marketing professional help you with your business, at an affordable, small-town price!

A full range of services can be provided or just one or two areas you might need help with, from business analysis and website assessment and development, design of marketing materials both large and small, online advertising on Google and Yahoo as well as social media advertising and content planning, to search engine optimisation to help your website be found more easily on Google.

Call 604 902 3861 to discuss your specific situation and what you need help with, and to receive a no-obligation quote.

Town: Trail, BC