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Spring Cleaning for Your Body Workshop on April 21st at Madhu Collective

It's time to give your system a boost, wake up the body and set yourself up to thrive this spring.

Spring leaves many of us reaching for a cleanse to jump start the system back in order. But going from one extreme to another can often do more harm than good and quickly leave the body right back where you started. 

Think of this workshop as the anti-cleanse. Instead of a quick fix and a quick crash, this workshop will teach strategies for cleaning out toxins stored in the body, stimulating the digestive system, waking up the metabolism, supporting your liver and balance blood sugar. Dust off those inner cobwebs and have fun doing it!

Join herbalist and aromatherapist Emily Kogan-Young for an informative workshop full of practical tips you will be able to immediately put to use. Join certified Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Danielle Hachey in a yoga practise to integrate these teachings and get the body moving forward into spring.

Learn how to deep clean your body the healthy way as Emily leads you through practical, hands-on strategies to invigorate your body. We will talk about ways to fill your cupboards with herbs and ingredients that will clean your liver, balance your digestive system and give you more energy and focus. Learn about the importance of your lymphatic system, what happens when it gets backed up and how to move stagnation up and out of it. Try teas and herbal bitters to jumpstart the process and learn simple methods to prepare them at home.

• YOGA •
Danielle will lead you on a 45 minute dynamic and invigorating yoga practice which honours the effect of the seasonal transition on body, mind and spirit as inspired by the Ayurvedic traditions.

Cost: 35$
• Includes samples of various teas and herbal bitters •

Participants must register in advance at:


This Saturday -- Register to hold your spot!!  

Kick start your Spring renewal inside & out!