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<p>So the government tasked Alex Hope (the Managing Director of Double Negative, a major UK video effects studio) and I to write a review called Next Gen which was published by Nesta and we made twenty recommendations about education and additional education (for the skills related to the gaming industry). We found that IT taught in schools was largely a strange hybrid of office skills. </p>
<p>Kids were being bored to death with Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Against all odds we were actually putting them off technology while they ran their lives through social media, using a phone as almost a part of their brain. Effectively ICT was teaching kids how to read but not how to write. They could use an application but not make an application. They could play a game but not make a game. </p>
<p>What we wanted to do was turn them from consumers to creators of technology, so our number one recommendation in Next Gen was to put Computer Science as an essential discipline on the national curriculum. Next Gen came out in 2011, and the Department for Education at first said they weren interested in our recommendations and that ICT was perfectly fine. It might have been fine for what it was but it was outdated, outmoded and absolutely no good for the 21st century skills required.</p>
<p>If I install my old GTX 660 I don't see them anymore, but if it's the GPU why would only a few games be affected and not all of them. Most of my games run fine. Forza Horizon 3, SpinTires, Saints Row 4, PlanetSide 2, Skyrim, and more have no problems. So far only GTA and RuneScape have issues, but with over 250 games I'm not going to try and test them all.</p>
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