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We need your input! What are the opportunities and challenges of legalizing recreational cannabis for rural B.C. communities?

Understanding how rural regions of British Columbia will be impacted by legalized recreational cannabis is incredibly important particularly for the socioeconomic well being of the disenfranchised communities that have become ecologically favourable niches for producing cannabis.

I am inviting you to participate in a Thoughtexchange as part of the research project called “Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy.”  I am leading this research initiative that will take place in British Columbia over the next couple of years. If you wish to share your thoughts about this topic within the exchange, you are asked to review the informed consent to get started. If you are ok with the informed consent and agree to participate, you can:

1. Text "Hello" to 728-55 and enter the 9-digit participation code: 941-342-330  or

2. Use the weblink:

You may also wish to consult the project webpage for more detail or view the invitation video.

Please forward this invitation to your networks – we value all input!

Town: Trail, BC