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Rossland-based *Speech and Language Therapy*

Hello!  I am Meghan Premier (RSLP (C)) and I am a certified and registered Speech and Language Pathologist (Therapist).  I provide private speech-language therapy here in Rossland and to surrounding areas.  I am able to bill to any benefits coverage (insurance) you may have and I am also a registered SLP on the RASP (Registered Autism Service Providers) list. 

I am an open and caring individual who is more than happy to chat about any questions or concerns you might have.  If you or a loved one might be interested in receiving therapy services, or if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at (250) 93nine 893nine or email me at

The therapy services I am able to provide include: 

- Speech and/or language therapy for children, teenagers or adults

- Voice therapy (all ages, including adults) 

- Augmentative or alternative communication 

- Autism Spectrum Disorder (all ages)

- Fluency (stuttering) 

- Resonance (e.g. cleft palate)

Communication is the essence of human life