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Fruit Pressing - Sept 29 & 30 - Sign up to press your fruit!

Community Fruit Pressing

Sept 29 9am - 3 pm

Sept 30 9am - 12 noon

Larry & Audrey Doell's home - 888 Esling (Lower Rossland - on the way to the Wagon Road- Chinese Gardens)

Organized by the Sustainability Commission and the Rossland Foodies

Join us for our annual fruit pressing.   Pick your apples, pears or crabapples and then come down and make some delicious fruit juice!  Click here to access the sign-up form.  Kids are welcome.  Please leave your dogs at home.  Bring LOTS of containers to hold your juice.   Clean plastic beverage containers, a big pot,  a 5 gallon water jug,  all make great containers for transporting your juice back to your home.   Juice can be frozen or canned for long term storage.


Sign-up Instructions:

1. Book a 1/2 hour time slot by filling in your name and contact info on any of the blank time slots. 
*Each press (takes 1/2 hour) fits up to three 18 gallon totes of apples and squeezes more than 25 litres of juice. You may need to book additional pressing times if you have more than a press load of apples. If you have less than a press load, let us know and we'll look for someone else who has a half press load.

2. Store your fruit in a cool place until pressing day and occasionally check your fruit for bad apples.

3. Bring your apples, juice jugs, and a cash donation (suggested $20) to the fruit pressing location (TBD) at the time you booked.We’ll do our best to stay on schedule. 

Event Contact Info
If you have questions about fruit pressing please contact: Jenna Fox or Ann Damude at 250-three62-561seven
If you have to cancel your pressing time please email our contact person several days in advance to give us time to fill your spot.

Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: Larry Doell's home (lower Rossland)
Address: 888 Esling (on the way to the Wagon Road/Chinese Gardens),

Press your apples into apple juice.  Sign up for a time to use the community apple press.   

Still pressing times available!


Apples, pears, crabapples all make great juice!  Pick yours and then sign up for a pressing time during Rossland's annual community fruit press Sept 29 & 30.  Click on the link in the original post to sign up!

Bruised & windfall apples make great cider!  Clean up your trees, reduce bear attractants and make delicious apple juice at the community fruit pressing on Sept 29 & 30.  Sign up via the link in the main post.  

We have apples we'd happily donate if others would like them (didn't make it down last time). Would it be ok to drop them off, Ann? It's only one tree's worth.

We have apples we'd happily donate if others would like them (didn't make it down last time). Would it be ok to drop them off, Ann? It's only one tree's worth.

Sure Lea!  Bring them down on pressing day if you are around that weekend.  If you are going to be away,  you can bring them to my house and I'll store them until pressing day.


Awesome! Thanks, Ann!

SAturday - only 3 spaces left!  Still spaces for Sunday too.  

Tomorrow 9-3 ish.  Sunday from 9 -12 noon only.  sign up in advance.  We suggest a $20 donation towards maintenance and press operation.