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Variety of telemark ski equipment and smaill split board with older backcountry equipment

size 28 Black Diamond Push Telemark boots 110 flex  thats a stiff one for me too handle,inner bola boot liners, used for only a couple season occasionally. $250 or best offer. Thats a deal.

Design 22 telemark bindings 2 and 1/2 pairs a must buy at only $100 thats a give away.

An oldy but goody  the only one alive today154 Sasquatch split board light weight, with Voile backcountry plates and Salomon SP4 Bindings,

at only $200 or best offer. Are kidding me these are all deals, calle me, the real Kootenay Kel at (250) 362-9608 or text me at (250) 368-1218, I must be crazy but I aint greedy.