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Group Cycling Classes

Saturdays Jan 12 to May 25 8:00 to 9:00 am

Varied Style of class depending on instructor:

CYCLE FUSION: Get the best of both worlds! Spend half the class on the bike and half the class off the bike for a great cardio and muscular conditioning workout.

POWER CYCLE: This class is designed to use power to strengthen the body and the mind. You will be challenged with high resistance hill climbs that will tone your muscles and sprints that will make your heart pump. Wrapping up the hour with core work and stretching.

CYCLE AND CORE: Join for a 45 minute ride followed by core work off the bike.

Open to participants of all fitness levels and riding experience. Group Cycling is the most popular fitness trend of the decade. Workouts can be modified to high or low intensity depending on your personal goals. No matter what, be prepared to sweat! Please bring water and a hand towel to class. Optional equipment includes: cycling shoes and gel bike seat.

Location: Miners Hall - Lodge Room

Cost: $12 – payable online only at

Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: Miners Hall