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Sharkwater: Extinction - Sunday Cinema

February 10 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Filmmaker Rob Stewart exposes the illegal fishing industry, from West Africa, Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, France, and even in our own backyard, that threatens the survival of the world's sharks.

Discovering that sharks are being hunted to extinction, and with them the destruction of our life support system - activist and filmmaker Rob Stewart embarks on a dangerous quest to stop the slaughter. Following the sharks - and the money - into the elusive pirate fishing industry, Stewart uncovers a multi-billion-dollar scandal that makes us all accomplices in the greatest wildlife massacre ever known.

"Imagine what the future would look like if we designed it to be beautiful for all species – not just us. We're smart enough, we're connected enough, and we've got all the technology to do just that." - Rob Stewart

"There is simply no issue more important. Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for.” - Rob Stewart

Increase your shark IQ.

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All screenings at The Royal Theatre in Trail. 

All films are scheduled to start at 4:30pm this series, but due to longer runtimes with "Oscar contenders", please check to confirm. 

All tickets are $10 cash at the door. Or, get your 10 film Flex Pass for $90 now at!

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Town: Trail, BC
Venue: The Royal Theatre
Address: 1597 Bay Ave., Trail