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Revolution Yoga School Public Classes

Revolution Yoga School Public Classes with Master Teacher Lila Rasa Brown

We are about to embark on an 8-month Advanced Yoga Teacher Training as well as, Revolution School Yoga Immersion on the weekend of January 18th!  Public Classes will be held on each of the Sunday modules of the training over the 8-months at the Miner’s Hall up in the Lily May Room: Attic Space.

1st Public Class

Sunday January 20th

9:30-11:30 AM

Lily May Room: Attic of Miner's Hall, 1765 Columbia Avenue, Rossland, BC.

*Bring your own mat



Join us for a heart-oriented, alignment-based, celebratory Community Class! Practitioners will learn to effectively and therapeutically deepen their asana practices, working with the whole body to create transformation from within. Each class will honour the season in which it's being offered, blending asanas that are good for the time of year to create an equanimous experience that continues off the mat.


Students will engage with skillful bio-mechanics in standing postures, hip-openers, hand-balances, inversions, forward folds, and twists, working individually and together to support optimal movement, breath, and Being. Enlivening and balancing approaches, skillful sequencing and yogic techniques, and the support of the community will allow participants to hone the craft of the practice with grace and presence.