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Furniture: Rugs, Coffee Table, TV Stand/Shelving Unit, Queen Bed Frame, High top Table

Several items for sale. 

1. 2 Grey area rugs. Bought from Costco. Good quality, barely used and well taken care of. $40 each. 

2. Ikea Coffee Table. Solid wood. All black. Good condition. $40. 

3. Ikea TV Stand/Shelving Unit. $40. 

4. Queen bed frame. Black metal bed frame. Good condition. $50

5. Night Stands. Black metal. $10 each

5. High Top Table & Chairs. From Industrial Revolution in Vancouver. Good condition. Barely used. $150

6. Mirror. Copper metal frame, circular shape. $50. 

Have photos of all items. Please contact for more info. 

Town: Trail, BC

Photos please 

Hi could you please send photos to 

Thank you!


Interested in the TV stand, coffee table and bed frame. Would love photos