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Heritage Week - Entry By Donation

February 19 to 23 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Heritage Week: Entry by donation from February 19th-23rd

The Theme is: The Tie that Binds. In our programming this winter we are exploring stories of family and the place where we live through the art of story telling. All of which connects well to the heritage week theme.

Imagineers Club: This week we are finishing up our playground designs. Kids were tasked with filling in the area slated for a plaza on the Emcon lot and connecting it to a story of historical importance. We chose the recorded flight of the Flying Steamshovel. In the playgrounds the "Shovel" appeared as a water feature, a climbing apparatus, and also on a historical information plaque.

Museum Kids Club: In museum kids club we are connecting to the Old Glory Weather Station and also looking at basketry of the region. Kids will have the opportunity to learn about traditional First Nations' basketry designs, and styles.

Lab Day: Come by and build a sledding ramp out of lego and cardstock. While at the museum you can learn about the history of ski jumping here in Rossland while exploring the exhibits in the Ski Wing at the museum.

Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre