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Rossland Teck Co-op Looking For More Riders

Do you live in Rossland or Warfield and commute daily to Teck? Are you on a 7:00-3:00 schedule? Are you tired of winter driving and scraping your vehicle off every morning? Maybe you want to go green and reduce your carbon footprint? 

The Rossland Teck Co-op is looking to fill a few seats and we want you! Here are some beniftes of carpooling;

-Save on personal vehicle maintenance.

-You no longer need to park your car in the Teck parking lot.

-Save on vehicle insurance, you now have a pleasure vehicle instead of a commuters vehicle.  

-Meet some new people! We are really cool, I swear! 

-Great excuse to not work overtime, and if you want to, Teck will pay for your cab ride home after!

We charge $70/month to cover van expenses, gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. If you live in Warfield we can negotiate a lower price. There is no obligations to ride all year. Ride for a month, ride for 6 months, ride during the winter and take your bike to work once the roads are clean. It does not matter.

We leave at 6:15 from the French School on Second Ave and do a sweep down Thompson Ave before hitting the highway. I am at the end of the line and am home at my house by 3:30 every afternoon. Still not convinced? Try us for a few day free of charge to see if carpooling will work for you!

If you are interested or would like more information please send me an email! 


**Disclaimer: Van and occupants may not appear as depicted**