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Inner Healing Circle

May 17 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Weaving body awareness practices, guided meditation, and Spiritual growth within a sacred community.

The Inner Healing Circle is for those on a healing journey. Whether you have a chronic condition, persistent pain, or are recovering from an accident.

Walking a healing path is not for the faint of heart, and yet, we don’t exactly sign up for the difficult times ahead. However, there are also enormous gifts to be found during this time in your life. A breaking down of one identity, of old patterns, of unhelpful habits, opens up the space for you to discover who you truly are.

This is a Circle for those that would like to learn more about themselves on a physical level (we’ll dive into things like the neuroscience of chronic pain), as well as the emotional and spiritual levels.

Coming to this Circle will give you space and time to explore some of the inner healing available to you, within a group of people going through a similar journey.


What will a Circle look like?

Our time together will consist of a sharing circle, experiential exercises, guided meditations to deepen our body awareness as well as meditations to interact with our psyche, and much more. There’ll be tea, crystals, and yummy snacks of course :)

This Circle is for those who walk a spiritual path, yet also live an everyday life. Those that are drawn to the unseen realms, the energetic world we are immersed in yet also live a grounded life doing everyday, ordinary things. It’s also for those drawn to crystals, oracle cards, and guidance from spirit guides. The empathic, intuitive, and highly sensitive people looking for tools and support to thrive in their lives.

Some evenings will be light-hearted, with crafting and laughter. Others may feel a bit heavier as we go on a journey to discover what we need to transform about ourselves. Each evening will have a different theme for this monthly gathering.


Our themes will span:

  • Connecting with your Inner Healer
  • The Neuroscience of Persistent Pain
  • The Chakra System as a Map of Consciousness
  • Life Balance and Your Gifts
  • Trauma and the Nervous System
  • Self Care and Resourcing for your Body Mind and Soul
  • Energetic tools for the empathic, intuitive, and Highly Sensitive Person
  • Crystals, Flower Essences, and more

Registration Details + More Info:

Limited spaces available so pre-registration is required! It's $15 to attend though if finances are a challenge please just get in touch with me at

Head to  for more info.

To register head to here:

If this calls to you, I'm so looking forward to meeing you :)


About Lisa: I've recently moved to beautiful Rossland and offer a blend of bodywork and energy healing called Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I also work with Flower Essences for emotional, soul and psyche healing. My background is in nursing though and it through years of chronic pain and anxiety that I came to do what I do now.

The healing journey I've been on, from the mountains to the valleys, has greatly enriched my life. I now seek to share what I've learned with others, while supporting them on their own transformational path. When I'm not in session or holding a circle, you'll find me in the mountains on a pair of skis or on my bike. Otherwise I'll be the one happily talking to the trees :)

You can read more about what I offer right here:

Town: Trail, BC
Venue: Combination Healing
Address: Rossland (address given upon registration)