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Intro to Flower Essences Workshop this Sunday

June 2 1:30 to 4:30 pm

Intro to Flower Essences Workshop

Weaving plant spirit medicine, bodymind connection, and intuitive practices within a healing workshop.

Come learn about Flower Essences, a form of energy medicine that supports our soul growth and emotional health. We'll focus on the Bach Flower Remedies and everyone will be going home with their own Handcrafted blend!

  • Guided Meditations
  • Plant Oracle cards
  • Sharing circle
  • Tea and chocolate too (of course :)

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences, also known as Flower Remedies, are the energetic imprint of a plant in water, and this is then taken from a small dropper bottle throughout the day. They are different from Essential Oils as there is essentially no physical plant material left in the final bottle, instead, this is a way of allowing the energy and spirit of the plant to work through you.

Your investment for this 3 hour workshop is $40, which includes a blend of Flower Essences to take home! This will be a small group gathering, so pre-registration is required to claim your spot!


Registration is right here:

Full event details are right here:


Here are a few examples of essences so you get a sense of what they can be used for:

  • Clematis: For when you feel spacey and often dream of how things could be in the future, though often lack the focus to take the steps you need to create the life you want.Supporting focus, grounding and dedication.

  • Five-Flower Formua (Aka Rescue Remedy) For times of stress, crisis, and overwhelm. After an accident or when you are running late to a job interview, Five Flower Formula can help calm your nerves and bring a greater sense of ease within you.

  • Impatiens: When you are either always rushing, always trying to get to the next thing. Or for when you are frustrated with the “slowness” of others and often take over the job just to get it done.

  • Olive: When you and your spirit are exhausted, particularly after stress, overworking, or illness. Supports an overall lift in your energy.

  • Centaury: For the inability to say no to other people, tending to be the one work gets ‘dumped on’ or that you just find it easier to do everything everyone else wants instead of saying no.

  • And there are many, many more that we'll explore together!


About Lisa Matthews: I've recently moved to beautiful Rossland and offer a blend of bodywork and energy healing called Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I also work with Flower Essences for emotional, soul and psyche healing. My background as a Registered Nurse greatly informs my practice though my work now is more nervous system and intuitive based now. When I'm not in session, you'll find me in the forest!

You can read more about what I offer right here:


Town: Castlegar, BC
Venue: Pine and Needle Wellness
Address: 201-2012 Washington Ave., Rossland