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Info on MTB trails in Whistler

Hello all,

Soon I'll be fortunate to spend 3 full days in Whistler, and I'm looking for information on MTB trails.

I will NOT use the bike park, so I am wondering about the surrounding trail network that I imagine must be around. I will have full days and would like to explore as much as possible, and will do any and all trails - including the climbs: XC, flowy trails, technical trails, downhill...

I have absolutely no clue where to get started so any leads on specific trails are appreciated!!




pedal, pedal, pedal...!

For sure a must in Whistler is up Into the Mystic, and down Lord of the Squirrels.

Awesome full day ride. Have fun...the up is a GRUNT!

Depends on skill level some of my favs on the more difficult side of things are green monster,  korova milk bar into wizard burial ground, howler and ride dont slide. Be prepared for epic ups to get the fun down 

The Zappa trails around Lost Lake are a must, a River Runs through it is always fun, and there are endless options for for steep janky lines on the Westside, above Creekside, and on lower Blackcomb. For big classics, up Into the Mystic (underwhelming) and down Lord of the Squirrels (makes it worthwhile) is on everyone‘s list, but out on Kill Me Thrill Me and back on Comfortably Numb is hard to beat if you like it pedally and technical. 

All good suggestions so far.  I’d add in the North of town area highlighted by Out There and Happiest Days that utilize the north end of Comfortably Numb.  Pedal hard as three days will wet your appetite.  My favourite classic expert trail is Cheap Thrils

I'd ride what TJ suggested for sure; good choices.

Bike park is not really my thing but a one-time pass to the peak, to ride Top of the World to Khyber, Middle of Nowhere, Kashmir & Kush is a great ride on a clear day. Still, for alpine views and long descents, you may as well do the Mystic/Squirrel loop instead because pedaling is better, and it might be the most expensive up track you'll ever see.

Duncan's is a good quick loop, and Working Class is good (as are all of the Flank trails; Cheap Thrills etc.). Don't forget Dark Crystal on Blackcomb; and Microclimate for a second lap.

Yay!! Getting more stoked by the minute. Thank you all for the emails and posts here, and keep'em coming...