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August 12 11:00 to 11:40 am

Join us for a morning of fun! This event is FREE! PICO & THE GOLDEN LAGOON! Pico is a world traveller who flies around in a yellow bi-plane. On these adventures Pico is introduced to new eco ideas and innovations through the characters in the stories. Pico and the golden lagoon is the story of how Pico's plane became solar powered. Pico is in the middle of a mail run when all of a sudden the plane runs out of fuel and Pico is forced to make a crash landing on a nearby island. On this island Pico meets David, a marooned naturalist, who shows Pico the charms of the island. Pico meets many wonderful characters including Lou a dragon who lives in a cave at the edge of the lagoon. Does Lou guard the solution to Pico's empty fuel tank? How will the story unfold? Join Pico and friends in the story of the golden lagoon.


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Town: Trail, BC
Venue: Trail and District Public Library- Riverfront Centre
Address: 1505 Bay Avenue Trail, BC