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THANKS to Bear Environmental Limited, RossVegas, Piste Off, Red Mountain and the community of Rossland!

Wanted to send out a huge thank you to the community of Rossland for their continued support of the Rossland YAN Shreds program. Every year we call out to the community for gear donations to suit up our young shredders, and every year, it seems to fall into place. Last year, we fundraised over $3000 at Ski Bum Bingo for YAN programming needs, some of which was used to purchase more gear for the Shreds program, including 4 new pairs of snowboard boots and some bindings. 


This year- very excitingly- we received 4 brand new snowboards/bindings from Bear Environmental Limited to be used in the program. These boards will stay in the program for years to come so that our shredders have some high quality gear to learn how to snowboard with. 


RossVegas, Piste Off and Red Mountain also hooked us up with some sweet deals to make this program happen, including discounts on gear and season's passes. So THANK YOU! 


If you don't know about the YAN Shreds Program, here's what we're all about: 


The YAN Shreds program is designed to teach youth how to snowboard and enjoy the mountains while being part of a mentored group guided by positive role models. Youth are taught to draw parallels from this learning experience to real life situations. Ideally, they will acquire important life skills while also learning how to snowboard! The program is offered to youth FREE of charge. The Rossland Youth Action Network believes that no youth should be denied the potential to discover an outdoor pursuit that can keep them motivated, healthy, and stoked on life!


This year, we have 15 students geared up and ready to learn to snowboard !


We are still looking for a few bits and bops of gear before the season begins, so if you know of anyone with: 

-large gloves

-large men's snowpants

-small gloves

-small men's snow pants

-x-small ladies jacket

-x-small ladies snowpants

let me know! 250-231-17thirteen


Thanks again!