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Work Wanted: Labouring, Shovelling, Cleaning, Hospitality, Professional/Writing etc.

Hi all,

I am a 26 year old New Zealander living in Rossland. I am working on the ski hill this winter.

I'm looking for work before the hill opens, and if possible, casual work thereafter. I am also more than happy to do odd jobs if you need help with anything. 

I have a broad range of experience. The last couple of years i've been doing professional work so I can help with anything writing related (brand statements, policies, media releases etc.). But I also have experience in construction, retail/sales, hospitality/serving and cleaning.

I'm a hard worker and I get stuck in.

I'm more than happy to do any type of work and I can provide a CV if you're interested.

My phone number is Seven Seven Eight 222 18 Nine Nine and email is

Thank you for your help!