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Canine Lice

Canine lice are making the rounds in Rossland. Please check your dogs, and treat them if necessary. Lice are species specific, and cannot be transmitted from dog to human. A lice infestation will make your dog more irritated than fleas, and can have serious consequences for your dogs health!

If your dog is scratching more than normal - give them a look over. Adult lice are about 3mm in size, their nits are small like dandruff. Lice can only be transmitted from dog to dog via direct contact with an infested dog, or an area where an infested dog has lost a louse! Lice can survive for several days without a host.

Please, if you find lice on your dog, keep it AWAY from other dogs until it is infestation free. This means NOT taking them to the Centennial trail, Blackjack dog loop and other popular areas for dogs to be walked off leash - even if your dog is on leash, it could inadvertently infest someone else’s dog.