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Blooming... between a rock and a hard place

Hi Rossland gardeners!

Here is an e-card for you... to celebrate the start of spring:

I've started a thread under "Discussions" inviting you to talk about your garden plans and challenges. Join in!

My gardening (yard work) so far has been finding a rake and tidying up the lawn on the edge of the snowpack.
I like to do this often so it's easy. You get the road grit off before new grass makes it a tough job.
It's nice to see a little progress each time.

This photo shows mini daffodils, primulas and hyacinths in late April/May.
The pale yellow primroses grow wild in the woods where I was a kid. Fond memories.
The others started off in little pots from the supermarket... I love bringing spring to my kitchen table when there's snow.
If you'd like some primroses and primulas, I'll have plenty to dig up and share in April.

On the left of the photo are dark red shoots of a peony, promising great flowers in June.
I'm a peony fan... wonderful plants.

What about your gardening this year?