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Highly Sensitive Parents circle tomorrow online! (Free)

April 2 2:00 to 3:00 pm


Join us tomorrow at 2:00pm PST/ 5:00pm PST via:

I'm thrilled to have a very special guest on this week's Highly Sensitive Soul Circle: 
Marilene Caetano! She is an HSP Parent Coach, Nurse, and amazing Mama.

Marilene will be sharing about

  • What it means to be a Highly Sensitive parent
  • How to tell if your child is Highly Sensitive
  • And of course, she'll be sharing tips & tools for soothing your nervous system during these times

Tomorrow, April 2nd, at 2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST

How much?
There is no cost, these are an offering of support and healing

Want to join us? 

Head right here:
If you have a friend or family member who could use some extra support right now around this, I invite you to share the link as well