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PARENTS - What do you need most right now?

Take five minutes today and five minutes tomorrow to participate in a Thoughtexchange.  The Family Action Network (FAN) is working with Thoughtexchange to offer parents an opportunity to give feedback to local service providers to understand what supports or resources are needed during this COVID time.  Parents!  Please point your browser to and fill it out.  Return the next day to star other thoughts people have shared.  Your input will be provided to local service providers to understand best what supports you need now.   Help us help YOU.  


**bump**  66 responses so far, hoping to get to 100 by the deadline of Friday.  THANK YOU to those who have already participated.  Don't forget to return to the Thoughtexchange and offer 'stars' to other thoughts that have been shared.  Help us to help you during these times.  

I have filled out this questionnaire and would like to ask for clarification on how we are to “rate” concerns. 

It seems that folks are rating the concerns based on personal relevance, rather than rating based on overall importance. As a result, the top rated concerns may end up being so, simply because they imapact the most people, yet some very urgent needs for support are missed because they impact fewer people at this present time. 

Is there a way that he Family Action Network is able to discern between the volume of people impacted and the true importance of the concern, and the magnitude of resources needed to address each of he top concerns?

Thank you, Danielle - for filling out the Thoughtexchange and for your questions.

First off, if there is anyone reading this who is in immediate need of support (basic needs, mental health-related, utilites relief, food security etc.) please call Trail FAIR at 250-ThreeSixFour-2326 and ask to speak to a family support worker who can get you connected with help appropriate to your individual needs.  

There is a list of COVID-related supports that FAN and FAIR have been keeping up to date.  You can find that list by going to the FAN Site and clicking on the COVID banner right on the home page.  

Your question about ratings for the Thoughtexchange is a good one.  We are also concerned about hearing thoughts from everyone who participates, not only the top thoughts of a few people.  This is one of the reasons why we chose to partner with Thoughtexchange and use their platform for hearing from you.  Thoughtexchange is not a survey.  Thoughts from other participants are rotated so that each person who participates will see different thoughts from other people, not just the top-rated ones.  Individual thoughts, through an algorithm, are seen as close to equal times as possible throughout the life of the exchange. 

FAN will receive a report at the end of this exchange that will give us access to ALL thoughts that have been shared, as well a vareity of analysis and viewing tools, such as, yes - the top-rated thoughts, but also areas of responses where opinions varied and other analysis tools.  

The response to all of this will come from a variety of organizations and agencies in our region.  FAN is a Network of service providers, community leaders and parents.  We will be sharing the report from this Thoughtexchange with our members and discussing how best we can meet the needs for support offered through this exchange.  For example, mental health concerns for both parents and children is one of trending thoughts shared at this time.  We will work collaboratively to find local resources, such as a mental health clinican, to offer resources for families during this unprecedented time to help support mental health.  This could come back to families in the form of a webinar, or possibly as tip sheets that can be shared via social media or good old fashioned mail.  : )

If you have further questions about the Thoughtexchange tool, there are some excellent resources here on participating in a Thoughtexchange.

Thank you again for your thoughtful questions, and for participating. We are up over 110 responses now, and still with two days left for people to participate.  We'll be responding out with what we heard and offering, in partnership with our FAN members and the known national and provincial COVID supports available, responses based on the needs people have shared within the next two weeks.   

Thanks for doing this FAN! I think it is awesome of you to be so dynamic in your appraisal of needs given all thats going on. We have certainly seen some shifts in the mental health concerns we are seeing. I know one area I am seeing increases in my office (read as: over my phone/video conference) is in concerns around behavioural management/aggression etc in the home. I think with the huge changes in routines and the heightened anxiety in homes we are seeing both conditions that make managing behaviour harder and options to cope or reduce challenges diminished. I look forward to seeing what comes from this, hope you share it with me and of course if there is any way I can support please let me know. Sean Larsen

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer clarification in regards to my above questions. I am so grateful for the work that FAN does in our community and the collaborative approach you are taking to service the most families efficiently and effectively! Thank you to the entire team and those who support FAN in any way!

Sean - we'll be in touch with you, no doubt next week!  We'd love to collaborate around ways to get mental health tips (for both parents and our children) during this time out to our families ASAP.  Happy to share the report that will be generated from this exchange.  Let's stay in touch.

Danielle - thank you for your kind words.  FAN was established to help support families, and to encourage collaboration among family-serving agencies in order to create more seamless supports.  As parents ourselves, we feel the overwhelm of what we're being called to do right now in such uncertain times.  We are grateful to Thoughtexchange for opening up their platform for agencies like ours. To be able to reach out to parents and find out DIRECTLY from folks how best we can be helpful feels like a gift.  It really does take a village.  Watch for results from this interactive opportunity as soon as we are able.  Our Facebook page has some great resources being shared on it daily - a good place to watch for COVID specific supports, as well as activities and resources (age-categorized!) to do at home with your amazing kiddos.  

Hello, amazing parents and caregivers!  You did a phenominal job!  The results of the Thoughtexchange are in.  If you'd like to view the summary report, please click here:

FAN is working with its network members to connect parents to existing resources as well as to develop new reponses to the needs you let us know you have during this COVID time.  Please keep watching the FAN site, as we work to meet your needs.  If you are in immediate need of emergency supports for your family, please contact Trail FAIR at 250-Three-Six-Four 2326 and ask to speak to a Family Support worker.